About Handy [Web] Man

I simply want to provide the power of web in an honest, affordable, and quality way. I'm skilled and knowledgeable about website matters, I enjoy solving problems, and I base everything I do around integrity and trust.


Heading the Charge Towards Your Website Solution

Ben Schrader...

I've been working on a wide range of web projects and freelancing in the web design and development field for over 10 years, balancing this with jobs in hospitality building a strong understanding of customer experience. Resourceful problem-solving and sincere customer relations are my specialties.

Ben, owner and operator of Handy Web Man.

A Star Team Ready On Call

... and an on-call team of web professionals

When the most efficient and effective solution calls for additional resources, I'll work with savvy web professionals who specialize in certain web-related areas. I remain the primary point of contact and actively involved in all client work myself, ensuring all work (i.e. design, development, copy-editing, and/or marketing) seemlessly builds upon the high-quality and top-value I demand for every client.


Vetted and Approved Websites, Search, and Social Strategies

Solutions based on what works

The entire premise of Handy Web Man is to help businesses build a solid foundation that will allow for flexible yet enduring strategies that are particularly well suited for small to medium-sized businesses:

  • A good-looking website that works well, is easy to use, and is adaptable to future possibilities
  • Search engine optimization that focuses on covering the essentials and strategies that are particularly strong for smaller businesses
  • Support for exploring and systematizing ways to reach out, engage, and excite future customers

Bringing the Power of the Web to Your Small Business


To put the power of the web in the hands of small and growing businesses in a way they understand and that they can build on with lasting confidence.

Doing What it Takes to Empower Your Business Through the Web

In Conclusion

I’ll offer advice, research possibilities, implement possibilities, work with other web professionals, or just help you make some quick fixes and updates. I take an any-way-I-can-help approach to bringing you the resources and tools you need to bring your web presence to where you need it to be.


Available Anywhere. Physically in the Boston and Northern Virginia / DC / Maryland Areas

Virtually anywhere, in-person in DC Metro and Boston Areas.


The Sooner the Better

Anytime you're ready to meet your online customer's needs.


The Web is Not Something to Ignore

So people can find and engage with your business at all times.


The Sooner the Better

The Science Behind the Handy Web Man Approach

A number of elements support Handy Web Man's determination to help clients in the most valuable way for their particular situation:

  • Sincere and caring personal attention
  • Fundamental quality
  • Real value
  • Focus on essentials
  • Avoiding gimicks and catchy sales-talk without substance
  • Vetting shiny new "hot" trends and identifying the underlying usefulness and enduring value (if any)
  • Practical view of possibilities on any budget
  • Simplified solution strategy
  • Straightforward processes
  • Agile (incremental and iterative) creation and production principles
  • Use of effective and efficient web tools
  • Thoughtful and economical involvement of our Top 3 resources:
    1. You, with your passion for and knowledge of your business
    2. The Web, with it's tools and ability to connect customers, skilled workers, and just about everyone else
    3. The Handy Web Man team, with a diverse range of knowledge and skills related to websites and a resolve to work with integrity to find the most valuable solutions

© Handy Web Man, 2018

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